Intentions and Conventions in Linguistic Communication

Intentions and conventions in linguistic communication.

A non-Gricean programme in the philosophy of language and cognitive science

Research grant No. 2015/19/B/HS1/03306 founded by the National Science Centre, Poland.

Investigator: Maciej Witek , Co-investigators: Mateusz Włodarczyk, Maja Kasjanowicz, Sara Kwiecień, Janina Mękarska

In 2020, Maciej Witek received the West Pomeranian Noble Award 2019 (Zachodniopomorski Nobel 2019) for his publications on the normative aspect of linguistic interaction, some of which presented the result of this project

In this project, we examine the adequacy of the Gricean programme in the philosophy of language and cognitive science and, next, develop an alternative, Austinian framework based on the idea that using language is a social practice that consists of performing conventional speech acts: acts done conforming to a convention. After a critical discussion of the Gricean approach, we elaborate on the Austinian ideas to be found in the philosophical literature and use them to account for (i) the variety and constitution of linguistic meaning, (ii) the structure and content of communicative acts, (iii) the mechanisms and cognitive underpinnings of verbal communication, and (iv) the evolutionary and developmental emergence of linguistic and communicative skills. We use the Austinian framework to account for a number of discursive phenomena such as accommodation, presuppositions, irony, presumptions, demonstrative reference, as well as for the evolutionary emergence of illocutionary interaction.

Project-related publications:

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Project-related conference papers and seminar presentations: