Truth and Assertion. A Seminar with Neri Marsili

Truth and Assertion. A Seminar with Neri Marsili 

In January 2022 the Cognition and Communication Research Group and the Institute of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at the University of Szczecin host Dr. Neri Marsili (University of Barcelona).

During his visit, Dr Neri Marsili will conduct a seminar “Truth and Assertion”. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Maciej Witek (maciej.witek[at] You are more than welcome to participate in this event!

Seminar 1 “The norm of assertion: nothing but the truth?”, 17th January 2022, Monday, 16.00-17.30, room 227, Campus “Krakowska”, suggested reading: N. Marsili, Truth and assertion: rules versus aims, Analysis 78(4), 2018, 638-648,

Seminar 2 “The norm of assertion: empirical evidence”, 24th January 2022, Monday, 16.00-17.30, room 227, Campus “Krakowska”, suggested reading: J. Turri, Experimental work on the norms of assertion, Philosophy Compass 12, 2017,

Seminar 3 “Assertion without its norm”, 27th January 2022, Thursday, 17.30-19.00, room 227, Campus “Krakowska”, suggested reading: P. Pagin, Problems with Norms of Assertion, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 93(1), 2016, 178-207,

Please also have a look at Section 5.1 of “Assertion” by Peter Pagin and Neri Marsili (The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Winter 2021 Edition, Edward N. Zalta (ed.), and the supplement “Which Kind of Norm?


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